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Gather the rose petals in your hand, and say: Venus, Goddess of lust and passion, Please bless my circle with your presence. Feel the Goddess fill your circle with her passionate and sensual energy. Place the rose petals on the ground before you or on top of the soil in the container. Now place the garnet crystal on top of the rose petals. Gaze gently at the crystal, while bringing to mind one or more sexual fantasies. Visualise in as much detail as you can, place yourself in the fantasy and use all of your senses to make it as real and vivid as possible.
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A Wiccan Sex Spell

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Wiccan Views on Sex | Exemplore

By Rosey Baker Mar 7, I know it's hard to believe, but the idea behind this article didn't come from a porn search. It came from watching "Twilight," literally like a decade after it's release. If banging a vampire can bring in millions at the box office, I don't see how we haven't been scrambling to get our hands on the sexual practice that witches call "sex magic. In his book, "Adventures in Sex Magick," Damon Brand writes, You can take this basic idea to unbelievable places, where the singular moment of orgasm can be used to shake the foundations of existence and shape your destiny to your pleasing. So basically, sex magic is a tool to manifest something for yourself- from a spiritual awakening to meeting your soul mate.
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Great Rite

Patti Wigington Updated January 12, At some point during your studies of modern Paganism, you'll probably run across references to ritual sex, including - but certainly not limited to - the Great Rite. It's important to clarify what these are because you're most likely encountering statements that most Wiccans and Pagans don't really have sex in their rituals. So, what's the deal with ritual sex? The Great Rite In some although certainly not all traditions of Wicca and Paganism, sacred sex is part of spiritual practice. Wicca in its original form, as envisioned by Gerald Gardner , is first and foremost a fertility religion, so it's understandable that at some point you may encounter some references to sexual acts, whether they be actual or implied.
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See results Wiccan Views on Human Sexuality Because Wiccans view sex as a natural, positive, life-affirming act, we generally accept our sexual nature as part of being human. We don't see anything wrong with nudity -- the naked human body is merely the natural state. There are no distinctions made in Wicca about having sex before or after marriage-- a healthy expression of physical love between consenting people is perfectly acceptable.
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