The risk of anal sex

Takeaway If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Anal sex is the practice of inserting the penis, fingers, or a foreign object such as a vibrator into the anus for sexual pleasure. With the appropriate precautions, anal sex is mostly safe.
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How Risky Is Anal Sex? A Gynecologist Explains

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Does anal sex have any health risks? - NHS

Colon perforation. Surgical repair is necessary, so if you experience heavy rectal bleeding and abdominal pain following anal sex, see your doctor. How to practice safe anal sex Anal sex can be a great way to have fun with your partner. You just need to give this new sexual adventure a bit of planning and preparation.
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What are the risks of anal sex?

Anal sex intercourse , which involves inserting the penis into the anus, carries the highest risk of transmitting HIV if either partner is HIV-positive. Vaginal sex has a lower risk, and activities like oral sex, touching, and kissing carry little to no risk for getting or transmitting HIV. The vast majority of men who get HIV get it through anal sex. However, anal sex is also one of the ways women can get HIV. Receptive Versus Insertive Sex During anal sex, the partner inserting the penis is called the insertive partner or top , and the partner receiving the penis is called the receptive partner or bottom.
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Another study conducted by the University of Indiana asked questions on heterosexual anal sex and found that the percentage having anal intercourse within the past year demonstrated a similar age breakdown as that of the NSFG. Of course — as with all types of sexual activity — there are both emotional and physical pitfalls. People need to be educated about the dangers of anal intercourse, so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to participate in the activity. Heterosexual anal intercourse predominantly impacts the health of young females as compared to young males. These same risks can affect women of any age.
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